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Learn about Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula here

I use Jeff's strategies to launch all my brands and programs online.

I believe in his program so much that I'm offering you additional training if you enroll in his course.

When you enroll in Jeff's program, I'll happily give you:

-- TWO FREE tickets to High Performance Academy LIVE! (You can attend our live October 18-21st, 2012 event in Santa Clara, CA, or you can elect to take our online course right away instead if travel or timing is an issue).

-- TWO FREE tickets to Experts Academy LIVE! (You can attend our live May 2013 event in Santa Clara, California, or you can elect to take our online course right away instead if travel or timing is an issue).

That's nearly $12,000 worth of my best training programs, which I mentioned in the video above.

Here's how it all works:

1. Enroll in Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula program by clicking here.

2. In two weeks, Jeff will send me the list of people who signed up via my link.

3. I will then send you all the dates and details of our events and you choose which you'd like to attend. All events are held in Santa Clara, California. You can also elect to receive these trainings online instead if timing or traveling is an issue for you.

That's it!

Finally, here's a thought:

Your message deserves to be heard by the world. At some point, you'll decide to launch it out there. I say, why not learn how, now. The time to have the map is before you enter the woods; so learn this strategy now before you get lost along the way.

OH, and here's the video equipment I use:

Cameras: JVC GY-HM100U (and Canon 7D for off-tripod)
Lavelier: Sennheiser Evolution G2 100 (order both from
Lighting: DayFlo-EZ LITE 2000 5-Head “softbox” light kit
Teleprompter: Flex 11Teleprompter

Shooting video is great - the best way to get your message out there - so do it! But if you can't launch the videos and your programs online, and make serious money and impact in the process, then what's the point? That's why I'm recommending Jeff's program and giving away such awesome bonuses. Anyway, do video!

Wishing you joy and abundance in sharing your message,

-- Brendon

Brendon Burchard
Founder, Experts Academy
Author, #1 NY-Times bestseller "The Millionaire Messenger"

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